Old school, not old fashioned

We bring decades of experience with the Internet to the problem of integrating cloud computing with the enterprise.

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Our Manifesto

The values that guide us

Foundations in the Internet

The founders of jtwo solutions have been influential in the development of the commercial Internet in Australia.

Commercially minded

Our services are based on the simple idea that ICT is about enabling great things for the lowest cost and risk.

Integrate, don't abandon

The cloud represents another tool in the box. It's important to respect and leverage what we already have, not abandon what works.

Our Services

We offer planning, transition and management services for the adoption of digital technologies

Telecommunications Consulting

Making sense of telecommunications in Australia is a challenge. Broad competition in corporate communications, the NBN and a movement towards workforce mobility make networking more important than ever.

Cloud and Infrastructure Consulting

The delivery of applications to the business requires infrastructure. The cloud offers a way of simplifying infrastructure, reducing costs and improving reliability and effectiveness. We bring a lot of experience with delivery of cloud infrastructure.



Understand where you are now with the cost of delivering IT. Use this as a starting point for rapid planning and cost/benefit analysis for cloud deployments.


Work through application workloads and infrastructure progressively, deploying foundations then moving onto specific applications.


Concentrate on the value your ICT team delivers to the business. We will handle managing and understanding the complexity of multiple cloud providers.


One tool to plan, transition and manage cloud services. cloudstep can model your existing ICT landscape and estimate, plan and commission services in the cloud making the migration as smooth as possible. Be prepared, understand the costs and keep track of them in one place.

Ready to get the cloud under control?

We're ready to help and with the right planning and tools it can be easier than you think.

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Plan | Transition | Manage
We can help you incorporate cloud services into your enterprise working from business case through to management of services.

Work through connectivity

We can help you drive your comms spend further by introducing your organisation to competion and prices you didn't know were possible.

See the full context

We model teams, activities and applications then understand the infrastructure they are based on.

Use cloudstep yourself

We offer cloudstep as an ongoing service to customers. Keep using it to explore scenarios and changes in approach.

Financial and Timeline Analytics

See the financial impact of using the cloud or a combination of on-premises infrastructure options over several years. Watch capital and operational expenditure changes.

Plan and Execute

Change is hard and scheduling it appropriately can reduce risk. We can schedule and execute transitions of infrastructure and services in a way that is sustainable.

Re-usable blocks of infrastructure

We automate everything to allow experimentation, dev/test environment and production to happen in a consistent way. Zero touch, repeatable deployments is where we start.