Invest one hour in learning about AWS

Getting educated about cloud services early will make it easier to transition and will burnish your CV nicely too!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a free virtual machine instance on AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). All you have to do is register with an email address and a creditcard. Don’t worry, they really don’t charge your card unless the machine is still running a year later or if you exceed the data allowances. 
A year ago I wanted a USA VPN so I created a free EC2 instance and installed a prepackaged machine image with OpenVPN. I logged in, run a couple of commands and it all worked. I still use it today and the first bill showed ...

Enabler in Chief

Its time for a re-think of ICT's role in the business. We should embrace our role as enablers of great works, not the centre of the world.

I love what I do.  Lately I’ve been playing with IOT.  I know very little about electronics.  I can read the squiggles on a circuit diagram and I know what most of them mean but I don’t understand why they are arranged the way they are.  It’s like reading music, I know the notes but I can’t fathom the whole piece.  Learning these things is like unpacking a mystery and I find it immensely satisfying.  From a software perspective though I’m on less shaky ground.  But even in that realm I’ve had to revive old skills.  I have to be ...