When building a consulting firm, the first place to start is the values. Once this is sorted then you can think about the staff, partners and customers you want to work with.

Founded in the Internet

Baked into jtwo is the early days of the commercial Internet. We think about corporate IT from this direction.

Commercially minded

Our services are based on the simple idea that ICT is about enabling great things for the lowest cost and risk.

Integrate, don't abandon

The cloud represents another tool in the box. It's important to respect and leverage what we already have, not abandon what works.

Its okay to have fun

We want staff and customers to enjoy the process. It might get hard but why not have fun on the way?

Hard is good

We think complexity isn't a vice. It's when the problem or the solution is hard that we see the biggest innovations.

Creative thinking

We expect creative thinking from our staff and our customers. No plausible solution is off the table.

Corporate Grade Problems

We want to bring new thinking to corporate grade problems.

Build and Manage

We are prepared to stand by anything we build and deploy not just deploy and walk away.

Everyone is welcome

It takes different people to bring broad thinking. We don't just want to support diversity, we think it's mandatory.